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37. What's in a Feud?

37. What's in a Feud?

Update: 2021-09-15


In today's episode, we're trying to figure it out. Looking at the facts of a feud itself and how stories about it unfold can tell us a lot about power dynamics in the industry, who gets empathy and who doesn’t, and also? Talking about drama can be fun. The word "feud" seems to hold a lot of weight and draws people’s attention (again, drama is fun) but it often makes the actual circumstances seem far more superficial and balanced than they really are. 

We each came to the table with a so-called feud we’d like to get into - but at a distance, from the safety of our podcast’s virtual space. Here are the feuds (?) we're looking at today:

  • Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez (5:00 ish)

  • Lea Michele vs. the cast of Glee (22:30 ish)

  • Ariana Grande vs. Victoria Justice (45:50 ish)

Join us as we explore questions like: Can it be a feud if they’ve never spoken to each other directly? Can it be a feud if the playing field is so uneven? Can it be a feud if it’s actually just people in power being monsters to people who aren’t in power and can’t control the situation or the narrative?

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37. What's in a Feud?

37. What's in a Feud?

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