DiscoverThe Heartbeat370: The Great Awakening w/ Abby Kneipp
370: The Great Awakening w/ Abby Kneipp

370: The Great Awakening w/ Abby Kneipp

Update: 2020-07-27


Love Bugs!! Sending you so much love and thanks for the well-wishes sent Kevin's way during these moments of change and energetic shift! Getting raw and diving deep right from the get go, you can hear all about what Kevin's process has been since leaving Los Angeles and going nomadic! Dealing with some gut stuff, doing his personal internal work, shifting with these times with ultimate trust, whilst also questioning everything that's going on (which is exactly what today's awesome conversation is about!)

Abby Kneipp is today's guest here on The Heartbeat and this episode is a little bit different from our usual! Abby is a writer, a guide, and an all around amazing, tapped in, empathetic, mystical woman; helping people around the world through their own personal awakenings. She is extremely tuned in to current events, but focusing on everything from a larger, more 'spiritual' perspective, and urging folks who are awake and aware to stand up and be the change.

"It was inevitable, I feel, that this was going to happen. And then it's also addressing all the social constructs, and the programming that's been happening for far too long. That, and I also believe we can't sit back and watch this unfold. I believe it's important to be active participants. To create the world that we really want to live in, and not just live but thrive in."

"What's playing out in this great awakening is that, you know, people are realizing in this time that things aren't what they seem. And that they've been living this life for some time, because they've felt like they've had to live this particular lifestyle and have this particular job and do this particular thing in their life, and they don't actually want to do it! So they start to question, 'well, why am I doing this, and hang on, where did that come from? is that from society, is that from my parents, is that from the country I'm living in? that I felt like I needed to be a certain person to fit into society, to belong, where actually....' and they start to question."

"Following the initiation process, right? So like, after the brush with death you can slay the tiger,  climb the mountain - you do the thing. Which, you can equate that to the inner journey of the 'dark night of the soul'. You confront yourself and conquer it - you get out on the other side. And then you 'break past the grid', if you will. You 'awaken'. Right? And then there's always a celebration, back with the tribe, to acknowledge that you just went through that." - Kevin

Find Abby on Instagram @abbykneipp and Facebook - Abby Kneipp, and of course hit us to let us know what you thought of the episode! Plus of course rate / review to really help this podcast reach more Love Bugs like yourself.









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370: The Great Awakening w/ Abby Kneipp

370: The Great Awakening w/ Abby Kneipp

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