DiscoverThe Heartbeat372: Bold Transitions w/ Chiara Mazzucco
372: Bold Transitions w/ Chiara Mazzucco

372: Bold Transitions w/ Chiara Mazzucco

Update: 2020-08-03


Heart Gang! Welcome to The Heartbeat, and today's super candid and alive convo with Chiara Mazzucco, who is a rebel entrepreneur with a big, bold voice, and an even bigger, bolder message.
This conversation spans across many really interesting and fun topics, but when it boils down to it, is so much about living life in that big, bold way, and staying in alignment and integrity with your soul! Especially during this time of transition, evolution, and change.
Kevin and Chiara talk all about inner fulfillment, navigating life in this crazy time, and the realness of being human (a joyful, loving, honest, strong, badass, magical human who navigates and lives life from the heart!)
"I just realized how, I was still taking so many things for granted in my life, and how I was just getting in my own way, and making things about myself; and being scared to really, like, step into this next level of myself. And I was able to see a much bigger picture - because it was a near death experience - of all the little things that were playing out in my life. And I was like, 'oh my god, I'm the only one responsible for..for all of it!' The ego does not like that at all."
"We can do the norm, we can follow societal rules, we can - you know - do what society's schooling tells us to do, or we can be be like, 'uhhhh, actually, it feels really alive and exciting to do my own thing.' And I find it just incredibly sexy. You know? It's like - I need to do my own thing! I'm here to be my own person! There are no rules!"
"And you've continued to choose to love people, no matter what you've been through, with like, horrific things - you still love. And keep your heart open. And you've decided to become a warrior from this, not a victim. While still acknowledging, not bypassing, all that stuff that wasn't okay." 
Find and connect with Chiara on IG @boldself and on her website, plus listen to her podcast: The Bold Standard Podcast!!








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372: Bold Transitions w/ Chiara Mazzucco

372: Bold Transitions w/ Chiara Mazzucco

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