DiscoverThe Heartbeat373: “The Work” w/ Stefanos Sifandos
373: “The Work” w/ Stefanos Sifandos

373: “The Work” w/ Stefanos Sifandos

Update: 2020-08-10


Hey gang!! Welcome to another week of The Heartbeat! Today's raw and real conversation is on all things Intuition and serving your desire, plus having fun while doing it, with love and relationship coach extraordinaire Stefanos Sifandos!

Dive in to what it means to give yourself what you want to manifest, having done that shadow work to get there. Allowing what has to come up (often discomfort), and making the switch to the new.

The world is going through such a massive shift right now, and we're all seeing the micro and macro shadows being brought to light, with everything getting revealed and put on display. 

"What do people really need right now? This is our area of expertise, this is our skill set we're in. We're in behavioral learning, we're in healing - helping people heal their lives, helping people see a version of themselves that's healthier as opposed to unhealthy. How can we create something for people that's really accessible in this difficult time, that could actually help them feel more confident, and safer in their own bodies and in their own social circles."

"We're presented with circumstances that will trigger aspects of ourselves that still need healing. And if I'm in that place, you know, I can't meet that with non-judgement. Do I have to be critical and say, 'oh well I'm not good enough, I've still got more learning or growth to go'? I think that's a very egoic place to be, and that's - for me personally - and it's like, let me take a step back, and let me actually look at my life and say, 'I'm human, and it's okay to falter. It's okay to be in pain. It's okay to be critical. It's okay to still be learning.'"

"How can I contribute to - not the whole world - because 7.6 billion people is a lot for the brain to fathom; just your immediate peer group, you know? Your immediate circle of friends, your community. How could you contribute in a meaningful way that adds value? And I think that's a great starting point, we don't have to go too far beyond that just now. Do your inner work, take care of your own house, and give where you can and be nice."

Check out Stefanos and his amazing work that helps you figure out your journey in life, giving you insight on the inner workings of your mind, body, emotions, relationships, and way more on 

On IG he is @stefanossifandos

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373: “The Work” w/ Stefanos Sifandos

373: “The Work” w/ Stefanos Sifandos

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