DiscoverThe Heartbeat374: Self Worth w/ Laticia Rolle
374: Self Worth w/ Laticia Rolle

374: Self Worth w/ Laticia Rolle

Update: 2020-08-17


Hey Gang!! Are you ready for some major self love talk today??

This episode of The Heartbeat is with Laticia Rolle, a storyteller, designer, podcaster, business woman and all-around empowered human.

We talk about what success really means, and how chasing the external doesn't truly bring that success about - but rather a fleeting emotion, which usually gets stuck in the body and leads to disease. Lots on boundaries, expansion, discovery; plus Laticia's own story and conscious mission at this time.

We even discuss some fun and random things like morning and evening rituals in depth, and the "why" behind their importance. 

"There's so many things that I forced, to make myself believe that I feel disciplined, or feel a type of way. But you can't force these things, they have to come organically to you, because again, this goes towards creating your authentic self. Like, working on you and discovering who you actually are."

"You have to protect your energy. And there's certain things and people and spaces where you have to hold boundaries from. Healthy boundaries, and being okay with it. Being a girl that never had boundaries in the past, but having a boundary now I'm like, 'oh my gosh!' I look back at these other women that were in my life during my early 20's and I'm like, 'I thought that lady was a bitch' excuse my language! But I remember all these women that I thought were a bitch, and now looking back, they were mean or nasty - because they had boundaries. Yes! And I'll never forget when I started doing my boundaries last year, I was like 'they're not 'nasty'!' They're doing this for their own self-worth, they're doing this to hold their power. There's nothing wrong with having boundaries, and mind you - it was hard to start."

"Like how you always say - you have to go through it to get to it. And for me, this interior journey, this self journey, is probably something that will probably be ongoing for the rest of my life. But it's the most crucial journey for me, and it's hard and sometimes it's scary and sometimes it's fear and sometimes it's sad, but it's so rewarding for me. So, coming up for me is just constantly kind of growing, and trying new things about myself, and expanding Girl, We Got This!"

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& Of course to find Laticia go to @laticia.rolle and check out her Podcast Girl, We Got This, and her incredible hat company - Tress









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374: Self Worth w/ Laticia Rolle

374: Self Worth w/ Laticia Rolle

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