DiscoverThe Heartbeat375: Discovering Yourself W/ Erin Claire Jones
375: Discovering Yourself W/ Erin Claire Jones

375: Discovering Yourself W/ Erin Claire Jones

Update: 2020-08-24


Welcome to The Heartbeat everyone!!

Today’s episode is with Erin Claire Jones, and it’s so divinely timed, as you will see. It’s all about the amazing system of Human Design, which is basically a blueprint on how to live your life! It’s helped Kevin tremendously - even in the time since doing this interview - and you can check out the link’s to Erin’s work to find out about your design, and dive into all her cool offerings (with a discount for you all to get your blueprint!!)

Today Erin explains a lot of the aspects of Human Design, and just how tremendous it is for helping us understand ourselves, our partners, and in general the people that we relate with and how. It’s really all about how our energy works in the world, and what’s underneath our conscious responses. Especially important in this current climate, is how helpful this information is for learning about and being able to respect the differences between ourselves and other people. It’s definitely easier with an operating manual like Human Design!

“All this stuff, it felt so familiar - I was like, ‘oh my god you’re like putting a language to my life experience’ and there was like.. it’s like I breathed just this extraordinary sigh of relief. I spent so much of my life trying to be so many things that I’m not, and this stranger right here is giving me the permission to be all the things that I am.”

“Really knowing ourselves and honoring ourselves, and also understanding that the people around us are going to operate so so differently from us.” 

Erin's website is

Look up your design: & dive deep into your unique design:

Use the code HEART to get 10% off your Blueprint!!

Book an individual session: and check out Erin's IG @erinclairejones --

PLUS have you checked out Dark 72 yet?? When you’re listening to this, it’ll already be out in full force! It’s totally up your alley if you love self inquiry, and being your real, authentic, true self at all times (especially amidst the current madness of the world!)

Check it out for a total and complete reset --









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375: Discovering Yourself W/ Erin Claire Jones

375: Discovering Yourself W/ Erin Claire Jones

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