DiscoverThe Heartbeat376: Asking Better Questions w/ Bastian - The Question Guy
376: Asking Better Questions w/ Bastian - The Question Guy

376: Asking Better Questions w/ Bastian - The Question Guy

Update: 2020-08-31


Are you asking the right questions in your life? Find out today, in this episode with Bastian Gugger, who is a Coach, Intuitive Genius and Brilliant Life Guide who helps people to live Happier, more Balanced and Purpose Driven lives without constantly feeling Overwhelmed, Burned Out and Anxious.

Why is asking the right questions so important? Because the questions we ask dictate the answers we get, and what we make things mean. What we make things mean has everything to do with how we feel, act, and live in the world.

This is a far-spanning conversation with some of the topics being - the significance of flowing with life; journaling; the power of the mind; leaning in to life with curiosity, rather than getting mad about things unnecessarily; and perhaps most importantly - developing the hunger for answers and asking 'why?' 

"'Who am I, what am I doing here, what's the purpose of all this, even?' And I realized that these questions had been there always, and I just had been ignoring them in a way, right? So while chasing the - it's this paradigm, it's this - while chasing the outside thing, you kind of forget the inside world. And that really was the moment where I realized - since everything outside was gone, and these questions still were there, that there's something inside. So I kind of discovered my inside world, and what I did out of that is like - well if these questions are still there, and always there, they might need to be answered in some way, and all I really did intuitively is take these questions and start writing about them."

"Am I a priority in my life? I keep asking myself that question from time to time, because it makes sure, or I can make sure that way - 'Am I still on the path? Have I lost something on the way? Have I lost myself along the way?' Then we talk. That can happen in so many forms and ways. It's again this story of chasing something outside and forgetting who you are. Forgetting what's important to you, and it happens so fast and easily. It happens in relationships where you lose a trait of yourself, or you give yourself away. Or it happens in business, it happens everywhere."

"What you really want to change is yourself and your beliefs and perceptions, and then reality switches."

"Find something that you're passionate about and do it often. I think happiness and passion, these are great indicators of what brings you into a flow state."

For more, find Bastian on Instagram @bearonawalk, his website and Facebook group - Flowing With Life

Mentioned - Daniel Schmachtenberger -;

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376: Asking Better Questions w/ Bastian - The Question Guy

376: Asking Better Questions w/ Bastian - The Question Guy

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