DiscoverThe Heartbeat378: Emotional Wisdom w/ Debra Silverman
378: Emotional Wisdom w/ Debra Silverman

378: Emotional Wisdom w/ Debra Silverman

Update: 2020-09-14


Welcome to Astrology 101 for The Heartbeat and for Kevin, and maybe for some of you?! Deborah Silverman is an amazing astrologer, a deeply wise and hilarious human, and a gifted teacher. In this conversation, she reads Kevin like a book and breaks down his chart so specifically, tying that and a whole lot more to some of the basics of astrology, and beyond how it ties in to absolutely everything we do (consciously and unconsciously!)

Deborah's latest book is all about the four elements, and how they tie in to our personalities. How those personalities are so uniquely individualized, and also how emotional reactions (triggers) or patterns are also specific to the types. The ultimate expression of self is to be fully, powerfully, uniquely you, in every given moment, and astrology helps with exactly that.

"What astrology does, is it gives us a language to talk about personality types, and then we identify the emotional content that triggers you."

"Once you realize 'wow, I have a critic over here, that's critisizing the way I look and doing a whole inventory on me and I have a futurist - which, by the way, is very helpful, but at times irritating - you turn your observer on and you go 'wow, now that you mention it...' That's what astrology does, you go, 'now that you mention that - that guy never leaves me alone!' And then I give people the key to the free will door. Like, you're gonna sit in here now, and you no longer have to be controlled because you're aware! Astrology is awareness."

Visit Debra @debrasilverman_astrology on Instagram, and on her website where you can learn much more about all the topics we cover in the show, and of course way beyond that. There's some really fun and special things going on on the website, such as The Star Community Library and Online Astrology Training for those who want to really go in and dive deep (we know Kevin does, as a Pisces!!)









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378: Emotional Wisdom w/ Debra Silverman

378: Emotional Wisdom w/ Debra Silverman

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