DiscoverThe Heartbeat379: The Skill of Art W/ Sylvester McNutt III
379: The Skill of Art W/ Sylvester McNutt III

379: The Skill of Art W/ Sylvester McNutt III

Update: 2020-09-21


Welcome to today's episode of The Heartbeat with Sylvester McNutt III - poet, 8 time best selling author, public speaker, podcaster, course creator (+ brand new dad!!).

This episode is for and about the artists, creators, authors / poets / passionate human beings! Plus of course Sylvester's super interesting journey and path - his passions and what he's great at, and how he got to where he is today. Sylvester gives some advice on how to figure out your own life path - tying in those passions, as well as what you're actually good at, and how that's different that just trying to 'do what you love'. 

"Most people are at the start of their journeys. That anxiety that you feel - while I don't want to discredit it, and tell you 'it's not real, ignore it' - I don't want to say any of that because if you feel it, you feel it. I think you should acknowledge it. What I want to say is - it doesn't really matter. You know, if you feel called to do something, or if you feel like you want to do something. You feel like you want to share. You feel like you're in a bar and you see a girl, and you want to introduce yourself, you wanna ask her out, you wanna have a drink. You know, the anxiety is a normal thing. We have to learn to associate with it. As, 'hey, this is a normal feeling, but I'm still gonna try anyways. Yeah, I'm scared that this girl may reject me, I'm still gonna go over there and ask her anyway.' 'You know, I'm scared that if I put my songs out, people might not listen, I'm still gonna do it anyways, because I'm feeling called to do it.' You know? And that's what I want people to really do - ask yourself, what's more important - you paying attention to your fear, or you paying attention to what you're called to do?"

"It's popular these days to say, 'love yourself, love yourself' - and it has been, right? But more important than telling someone, 'hey, love yourself..' 'How? Show me how, tell me how, give me a framework for doing that.' And essentially that's what I'm doing in the book, is trying to build a framework through my philosophies, and other's as well, and combining them together, to just deal with this framework that - it's simple, easy to understand, that can help us develop self-love."

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379: The Skill of Art W/ Sylvester McNutt III

379: The Skill of Art W/ Sylvester McNutt III

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