DiscoverHello Body Freedom#38: Ready to finally get weight loss handled?
#38: Ready to finally get weight loss handled?

#38: Ready to finally get weight loss handled?

Update: 2024-04-05


Sustainable weight loss and overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors can seem impossible for sure, and it’s not your fault!  A multi-billion dollar weight loss industry feeds off our insecurities and basically just keeps us stuck in restriction and binge cycles.  

If you're ready to break free from the dieting cycle and truly transform your relationship with food and your body, then you are not going to want to miss my brand spanking new "Food and Body Freedom Challenge"! 

❗Discover the reasons behind your struggles with weight and learn how to break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

❗Learn the connection between emotional eating, stress, and dysregulated nervous systems. 

❗Delight in practices to help you regain control of food and sustainably achieve your ideal size.

If you're tired of the dieting cycle and ready to make a lasting change, don't miss out on this transformative challenge. Visit to join me on this epic journey towards food and body freedom.

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00:00:33 - The Reality of Dieting and Weight Loss

00:02:08 - Addressing Healthy Eating and Exercise Frustrations

00:02:39 - Understanding Emotional Eating and Cravings

00:03:13 - The Pain of Simplistic Weight Loss Advice

00:03:46 - The Goal of Sustainable Ideal Size

00:05:02 - Day One: Changing Your Relationship with Food

00:06:05 - Diving Deeper into Struggles with Weight and Food

00:07:42 - Exploring Emotional and Compulsive Eating

00:08:24 - Uncovering Self-Sabotage and Dysregulated Nervous System

00:09:06 - The Role of Neuroscience and Somatics in Weight Loss

00:10:35 - Signs of Living in Survival Mode

00:11:08 - The Path to Food and Body Freedom Challenge Details

00:13:52 - How to Join the Challenge









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#38: Ready to finally get weight loss handled?

#38: Ready to finally get weight loss handled?

Audra Baker