DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#38: Sam Horn - The Ethics of Eloquence
#38: Sam Horn - The Ethics of Eloquence

#38: Sam Horn - The Ethics of Eloquence

Update: 2021-11-18


Do you suffer from infobesity?

How do you make billions in 60 seconds?

How do you avoid becoming a bore, a snore, and a chore?

These and other urgent topics are addressed when Tongue-fu black belt Sam Horn joins the Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:30   We want to do things worth doing

We succeed through community

Access to the successful is a shortcut to success

4:30   Ink it when you think it

If we don’t write down ideas when they enter our minds, we will lose them

Make your life your lab

You will make a difference in others’ lives

7:00 Ethics requires us to market the truth to benefit others

Be intriguing to get people on the hook

Infobesitiy vs. intrigue: a practical technique

Alliteration makes ideas memorable

Rhyme and rhythm

Crafting a message changes lives

14:00 tonality and musicality

Read out loud to self edit

Shift from undesirable to desirable

How can the study of ethics make us less ethical?

The qualities of E.T.H.I.C.S.

20:00 Our expertise is perceived by the clarity of our thoughts

How to not be a bore, snore, or chore

How to make billions in sixty seconds

The goal is to raise eyebrows

  1.  Ask three “did you know” questions
  2. “Imagine this…”
  3. You don’t have to imagine

30:00 Words matter; every one of them

Don’t yell at a barking dog

What words can we use to get the desired behavior?

Ask for what we want

Real life examples have power

35:00 Why was the woman crying on the beach?

Arrogance vs. offerings

We have a responsibility to share the wisdom of our experience

39:00 How Tom got to Mission Control

Recognizing our abilities and accomplishments does not make us un-humble

What’s the greatest gift you can give someone else?

45:00 The word of the day: inconcinnity

lack of proportion and congruity; inelegance.

The way we phrase and frame our message determines how it is received

Showing order emerging from chaos is the way we broaden thinking

46:30 Too many people believe that happiness is selfish

Finding our gifts is the purpose of life; giving away our gifts is the meaning of life

Don’t wait until there’s no time left to do what you want to do









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#38: Sam Horn - The Ethics of Eloquence

#38: Sam Horn - The Ethics of Eloquence

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP