DiscoverFighting Through WW2 WWII38 Sergeant Eion McEwan - Paras WWII
38 Sergeant Eion McEwan - Paras WWII

38 Sergeant Eion McEwan - Paras WWII

Update: 2018-12-15


The late Eion McEwan was a member of the 5th Scottish Parachute Battalion. We’re going to hear about his adventures in France, Italy, Greece, Singapore and Indonesia.

And what a great new set of revelations we’re about to learn about the war! There’ll be some paradoxical encounters with Greek resistance fighters and legal hysterics on the back of a mutiny by the British soldiers.

Great Unpublished History! 


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26 The Zilken Letters. A veteran exposes the army's best kept WWII secrets!
"In the hot desert, while on guard, some of us drank the rusty water from the radiators of the Bren Gun carriers.  I would lie on my back - mouth under the drain plug of the carrier!  "I didn’t get far before Jerry had me in range and dropped a few mortars all around me.  I froze, as each bomb seem to get nearer.  I could feel the heat off them as they exploded …". "They were all court martialled and two or three were sentenced to be shot!". Revealing highlights of letters Private Fred Zilken sent to comrade Wilf Shaw over a number of years after WWII.  Great, unpublished history! Please take my MOBILE survey! I’d be grateful for any feedback on the Fighting Through Podcast, or even early comments on the survey itself.  Replies are completely anonymous. Only 9 simple questions, so do please take a shufty! Link to feedback/reviews Thank you. Full show notes at Please note that photos below may or may not display depending on which listening platform you’re using. Below: Fred Zilken proudly wears the 50th Infantry Division TT badge, denoting the catchment areas of the battalion, the Rivers Tyne, Tees and Humber in Yorkshire. Drawn Sicily 1943. Below: Signal platoon outside Marston House 1941, WW2. Fred top right.    So, a pic of Fed exists after all! A WW2 history podcast on Bill Cheall's war diary and memoirs.
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38 Sergeant Eion McEwan - Paras WWII

38 Sergeant Eion McEwan - Paras WWII

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