DiscoverPlaydaite With Alison LeBrun & Guests#38 The Yola Show & Space Healing TM 🥳
#38 The Yola Show & Space Healing TM 🥳

#38 The Yola Show & Space Healing TM 🥳

Update: 2019-02-27


Yola helps visionary leaders release the internal and external noise from their lives on all levels so they get to show up and take up space as the most authentic version of themselves and do life, and business their own terms.

She has been playing with energy since she was three years old, when the one thing that brought her the most joy was bringing order and beauty to her grandmother’s house that she called home for the first six years of her life.

Her journey as an energy healing practitioner started 15 years ago, and since then she has spent thousands of hours working with clients from around the world, helping them to see their magic.

She is the creator of SpaceHealing™️, an experience (1:1 or in a group format) designed to help release all the layers of noise and distractions that keep all creative souls from experiencing that ultimate level of freedom from within, peace of mind, flow of cash/ideas/creativity/inspiration and the ability to take inspired action in life and business without second guessing themselves.

Ultimately, Yola is a teacher and a student of teaching and learning how to continuously strengthen the muscles of self-permission and self-trust through the lens of intuition because when we have those, we can have the world.


I came to the USA as an exchange student 20.5 years ago. I have lived in New York City for 19.5 of those years and can’t imagine ever replacing it with another place!

I believe in quality over quantity. I believe in investing over spending no matter how big or small the number after the $ sign is.

I am magical and woowoo AND I couldn't live without a TV or the high tech world. Well I could, I just choose not to.

My full name is Orsiola and it means BEAR 🐻. I guess that is why I love hugs.

I am a firm believer that life is THAT much sweeter when you spend your summer days by the sea eating cold watermelon with feta cheese while dipping your toes in the wet sand and splashing in the water with your favorite humans.🎊💎🎊💎🎊💎🎊Her Facebook Page is an amazing place to drop into real Magical Truth:💎🙌💎🙌OR on Instagram: @yolabear17








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#38 The Yola Show & Space Healing TM 🥳

#38 The Yola Show & Space Healing TM 🥳

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