DiscoverThe Tim Ferriss Show#381: Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries
#381: Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries

#381: Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries

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“When goods don't cross borders, soldiers will.” — Charles Koch, quoting Frédéric Bastiat

This episode will no doubt surprise people, and my guest came to me through channels I wouldn't have expected.


Charles Koch received a bachelor’s degree in general engineering and two master’s degrees, in nuclear and chemical engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

He is chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries Inc., a position he has held since 1967. He is renowned for growing Koch Industries from a company worth $21 million in the early 1960s to one with revenues estimated as high as $110 billion by Forbes. It’s one of the largest privately held companies in the world, and by revenue, it’s larger than both Boeing and Disney. He has transformed the business into a diverse group of companies that employ nearly 130,000 people—making everything from Dixie cups to components in your cell phone. 

Charles credits the success of Koch Industries to applying proven principles of social and scientific progress, which led to the development and implementation of his Market-Based Management® (MBM®) business philosophy. He describes MBM and its applications in two of his books, The Science of Success and Good Profit.

Charles is now using those principles in philanthropy, as the founder of Stand Together, to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the U.S. Stand Together is partnering with thousands of social entrepreneurs to help them improve their effectiveness and scale at tackling poverty, improving K-12 education, bringing justice to our criminal justice system, and more.

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Comments (20)

Ben Wehrman

I understand being unbiased...but this guy truly made the world a significantly worse place. Swing and a miss, Tim.

Jul 2nd
Reply (1)

Philip-Alexander Jach

RIP David you made the world a better place

Aug 28th

Mike Russell

"attack the problem not the person!" find common ground and work together to improve people's lives! I'm in! be the good that you wish to see in others!

Aug 14th
Reply (1)

Bob Wells

A very good episode. I was somewhat baffled by Tims caveats at the beginning. Everything Koch said was logical and factual.

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Philip-Alexander Jach

Hero. One of the best people in the world.

Aug 13th

Fubar republic

Congrats Tim! your officially a Koch sucker. Douche.

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Brandon Nelson

This father he speaks of was litterally a nazi. People throw that word around a lot. I don’t use it lightly. He comes from an extremely racist family who openly supported hitler. Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer and see if this guy doesn’t fill your stomach with utter disgust.

Aug 12th
Reply (2)

Brandon Nelson

I’m going to listen to this but you have some serious balls putting this scum bag on your show. Open a fucking history book. This guy is a bane on American existence. I will be deleting Tim Ferris from my life after this.

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

David Pelster

For people virtue signaling: did you actually listen to the podcast and Mr. Koch's ideas, perspective and outlook?

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

MC Podcaster

If I want to learn how to be a political whore, I will go somewhere else.

Aug 12th
Reply (1)


really Tim?

Aug 12th
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#381: Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries

#381: Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries