DiscoverDesign Details391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers
391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers

391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers

Update: 2021-03-31


This week, we share tips and best practices for senior designers who are presenting their work in a portfolio review. In The Sidebar, we break down the qualities of great typographic hierarchy in interface design.

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Main Topic:

Aloni Sanbira asks: I feel like there’s a lot of discussion around entry level design portfolios. What’s your take on senior level portfolios? What do you think a seasoned designer should pay extra attention to when presenting themselves?

  • We also tweeted the question out, and received some great replies

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Enes Yilmazer, a YouTuber who tours very fancy and very expensive homes. We enjoy watching to find the little tiny details that we’d appreciate in our own lives someday.
  • Marshall shared weighted blankets, in general. Check out this article diving into the science of weighted blankets. Having trouble falling asleep? Try one!

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391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers

391: Portfolio Review Tips for Senior Designers

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