DiscoverBiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast392: $12,500 per Month in 'Pure Cash Flow' With Todd Baldwin
392: $12,500 per Month in 'Pure Cash Flow' With Todd Baldwin

392: $12,500 per Month in 'Pure Cash Flow' With Todd Baldwin

Update: 2020-07-2314


A $1 million net worth before the age of 30... through frugality and creative real estate investing!

That's what Todd Baldwin's achieved in a few short years, riding the red-hot Seattle housing market by repeat house hacking, renting by the bedroom, and living way below his means.

Sure, Todd's benefited from appreciation, but he's also generating monster cash-on-cash returns across his 6 rental properties. And today, you'll learn just how he's doing it: how he finds pocket listings, why he favors new construction, why he pays for a $2,000/month service most landlords would never dream of providing, how he limits roommate drama, and much more.

Wondering if this is legal? We discuss that in detail. Oh, and get this—Todd's all-time vacancy rate? Zero percent. So if you're in a high-priced coastal market, you need to listen to this show. And if you don't, we can pretty much guarantee you'll still enjoy it and pick up a few landlording nuggets along the way.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Todd makes $12K+ in pure cash flow by renting by the bedroom
  • Why he buys new construction rather than fixer-uppers
  • Why he pays for all utilities
  • The legalities of renting by the room
  • The dangers of buying a property with a homeowner's association (HOA)
  • Using a Tinder-like app to find roommates and tenants
  • Why he hires maids to clean each of his 6 properties weekly
  • His system for preventing conflicts among roommates
  • How complementary skillsets make for great business (and romantic) relationships
  • And SO much more!

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392: $12,500 per Month in 'Pure Cash Flow' With Todd Baldwin

392: $12,500 per Month in 'Pure Cash Flow' With Todd Baldwin