DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast396: The Investments That Will Give You COMPLETE Time Freedom
396: The Investments That Will Give You COMPLETE Time Freedom

396: The Investments That Will Give You COMPLETE Time Freedom

Update: 2023-03-27


You want to retire early, but odds are, you think that you can’t. Whether it’s a high-stress job, a business that requires your full attention, or just the belief that you MUST be working, most Americans don’t think they can regain their time freedom. But most people don’t know about “lifestyle investing.” Instead of trying to be the wealthiest investor with the biggest house, fastest car, and most money in the bank, lifestyle investing asks, “what do you TRULY need to be financially free?”

And there’s no one better to answer this question than Justin Donald, author of The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom. Justin redefined what it means to be rich by focusing on time, not money, as the most important metric. He went from working as a stressed-out business owner to having complete time and financial freedom simply by putting the lifestyle he wanted before everything else. And he has a lot to teach those of us that have yet to hit financial independence.

Today, Justin will define some of his cash flow commandments, explain why passive income is the most essential investment you can make, and detail how to start living a proactive, not reactive, lifestyle. No matter where you’re at financially, this shift in understanding will help you build the life you love, WITHOUT creating more tasks for yourself to take care of!

In This Episode We Cover

Lifestyle investing explained, and why time freedom is far more important than money 

How to find out whether you run your business or your business runs you

The ten commandments of passive cash flow and where to find it

Real estate investing and other income streams EVERYONE should know about 

Diversification vs. concentration and which builds wealth faster

De-risking your investments and how to get money out of any deal your enter

And So Much More!

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396: The Investments That Will Give You COMPLETE Time Freedom

396: The Investments That Will Give You COMPLETE Time Freedom