DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast398: How to Change Your Financial Life with a Money “Reset”
398: How to Change Your Financial Life with a Money “Reset”

398: How to Change Your Financial Life with a Money “Reset”

Update: 2023-04-03


For so long, early retirement has been THE goal of those chasing financial independence. Can you imagine waking up with unlimited time, not having to work, and reporting to no one but yourself? Now imagine that day in and day out. Before long, the luster of never working gets to you, and that's because if you've achieved financial independence, the regular type of "retirement" just won't work. But what if you could restart your career, do something you REALLY cared about, or build your dream business?

Jill Schlesinger, author of The Great Money Reset: Change Your Work, Change Your Wealth, Change Your Life, has redefined what FIRE should mean. Instead of financial independence, retire early, she's opting for financial independence, new endeavor. Now, those skills you've been building for decades can be put to good use, working how much you want, for who you want, and doing what you want.

But what if you're not at financial independence yet? What if you're stuck feeling miserable in a job, slogging your way to retirement? Jill suggests performing a "money reset." Through a five-step system, you'll see where you stand financially, what's important to you, and how to change your life entirely so you can stop doing what you must and start doing what you love. Whether you're retired, retired early, on the path to FI, or don't know where to start, Jill's money thoughts will rock your financial world.

In This Episode We Cover

Why you (probably) AREN'T pursuing your dreams, and whether money is REALLY the issue

Resetting your career and why it's a smart move to make MULTIPLE times in life

The FINE alternative to the FIRE movement, and why working after early retirement is a blessing, not a curse

The 'Fabulous Five" that will give you an overall picture of your financial health and money wealth 

How to perform a "money reset" no matter what stage you're at in life (or how much money you have)

And So Much More!

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398: How to Change Your Financial Life with a Money “Reset”

398: How to Change Your Financial Life with a Money “Reset”