4: Mind Blown

4: Mind Blown

Update: 2019-05-0718


An ex-cop breaks down some of the most shocking arrests we’ve watched on COPS and tries to imagine why police departments would want that footage out in the world. Plus, the next generation of COPS is LivePD — six hours a week of policing aired live. What could possibly go wrong?

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Jeffrey Riddle

I am gettin gsick of the saying "worst day of their life." You know the worst day of their life was? When they decided to take that first hit. When they decided that hitting your wife was a good way to get your point across. When they decided that stealing was better than putting in an honorable good days work. When they decided to live below their potential and resort to crime. THAT was their worst day. All of this that is shown on COPS and LIVE PD are the RESULTS of their poor choices. Worst day? It's a day spent out in the PUBLIC with them committing crimes the police MUST enforce. I don't care if they got stopped while committing a robbery or while driving with a tail light out. It is not the officers job to NOT enforce the laws.

Apr 16th

Heather Boylen

This flashlight part is so disturbing.

Dec 23rd


if he was concerned about the people how is putting them on TV helping.

Aug 30th

Dustin Parsley

how do i get in touch with the creator of the show? i was on season 17 episode 8. pierce county wa. car chase and was bitten by the dog.

May 9th
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Neatz Davis

those shows are just wrong, if they actually help in anyway maybe they wouldn't be so bad, and by help I mean help reduce crime and police violence, I don't mean helping certain police become famous or being sent freaking Christmas cards.

May 8th
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Matt Schneider needs to go. He has at least 1 other police brutality accusation. He tased a man 11 times.

May 7th

Curtis Massey

This is a great pod.

May 7th

Adam White

Interesting that the Spokane Sheriff is quick to bring up the Dallas attack on police and how there's a growing "radical" view of police but didnt bring up the death of Otto Zehm IN Spokane.

May 7th
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These cops have a us vs. them mentality against the very people they are supposed to protect :(

May 7th
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4: Mind Blown

4: Mind Blown