DiscoverDesign Details400: Is Software Ever Finished?
400: Is Software Ever Finished?

400: Is Software Ever Finished?

Update: 2021-06-02


This week, we try to answer a simple question: is software ever finished? In The Sidebar, we talk money: compounding, investing, negotiating, planning, and more.

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Main Topic:

This week, Graham Connell tweets: can software ever be finished? Most products these days get new features and keep evolving, but I can think of several examples where continual change isn’t always good/necessary. Curious to know your thoughts on this.

Cool Things:

  • Brian shared Project Hail Mary, the latest sci-fi novel from Andy Weir, author of The Martian. We both read and finished this at the same time, and absolutely loved the story. The audio version is a strong recommendation!
  • Marshall shared Homebridge on Raspberry Pi, powered by CanaKit Raspberry Pi and homebridge-raspbian-image.

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400: Is Software Ever Finished?

400: Is Software Ever Finished?

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