DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast400: Mindy and Scott’s Money Stories and Why They WON’T Retire Early
400: Mindy and Scott’s Money Stories and Why They WON’T Retire Early

400: Mindy and Scott’s Money Stories and Why They WON’T Retire Early

Update: 2023-04-101


Being able to retire early is a blessing and a curse. When you first start working a job, all you can think of is escaping your everyday responsibilities. The mind-numbing tasks, the early mornings, late nights, horrible bosses—it all adds up. But, you then find the “financial independence, retire early movement (FIRE),” and almost overnight, you decide that your future will be dedicated to setting yourself financially free. You develop skills that help you make more at your job, feeding into bigger, better investments. And as a result, you end up being in a better position, at a more respectable job, earning more than you thought possible, and enjoying the challenge of everyday work.

This is precisely what happened to your hosts, Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench. Both started at jobs they didn’t love, wanting to be financially free. Through hard work and skill-building, Mindy and Scott were brought together, prompting them to start the BiggerPockets Money Podcast and build a company they both love. Now financially free, Mindy and Scott refuse to retire early for a good reason.

In this special four-hundredth episode, Mindy and Scott share their money stories, how they found the FIRE movement, what they did with their money, and why they choose to work, even though they don’t have to. If you want to know the real reason behind Scott and Mindy’s skyrocketing success, stick around because their stories are much more repeatable than you may think.

In This Episode We Cover

The origins of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast and how risky investing prompted a powerful podcast

The index fund vs. individual stock-picking debate and why Mindy started to shift her portfolio

How Mindy and Scott found the FIRE movement and how they both quickly reached financial independence

Becoming a CEO and why Scott’s “don’t ask for a raise” philosophy paid off BIG time

Choosing to work instead of retiring early and why a meaningful livelihood beats a relaxing early retirement

The simple but profound moves Scott made to triple his net worth in just a few years

And So Much More!

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400: Mindy and Scott’s Money Stories and Why They WON’T Retire Early

400: Mindy and Scott’s Money Stories and Why They WON’T Retire Early