DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast411: How to “Quiet Quit” Your 9-5 Job and Become a Full-Time Boss
411: How to “Quiet Quit” Your 9-5 Job and Become a Full-Time Boss

411: How to “Quiet Quit” Your 9-5 Job and Become a Full-Time Boss

Update: 2023-05-15


While the job of a full-time content creator might seem glamorous from the outside looking in, make no mistake—there’s plenty of work involved, and it’s not always easy to get your business off the ground. Our next guest spent years building up her content creation platform while continuing to work her nine-to-five tech job before she made her first six figures!

Welcome back to another episode of the BiggerPockets Money podcast! Today, Scott and Amanda are joined by Gabrielle Judge, a content creator and emerging thought leader for the Gen Z workforce. Gabrielle is helping to usher in the next phase of work-life balance with “quiet quitting”—an oft-misunderstood concept that has less to do with being lazy and much more to do with assessing your return on investment (ROI) at work and creating space for your other goals and passions.

Whether you’re interested in content creation or tired of working for “the man,” you won’t want to miss out on all that Gabrielle has to share. She offers a handful of top tips on how to cultivate a side hustle so that it one day becomes a full-time job—including credit card stacking to access a large line of credit for new business venturesbecoming a hard money lender, and using Chat GPT to help you leave your current job and land your next one faster!

In This Episode We Cover

The real meaning of “quiet quitting” and how to set boundaries at work

Growing a side hustle and turning it into your full-time job

Viewing yourself as a business and evaluating your ROI at work

Credit card stacking to access a large, unsecured line of credit

How to become a bank for someone else through hard money lending

Leveraging Chat GPT to streamline the job application process and get a bigger paycheck

And So Much More!

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411: How to “Quiet Quit” Your 9-5 Job and Become a Full-Time Boss

411: How to “Quiet Quit” Your 9-5 Job and Become a Full-Time Boss