DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast416: Codie Sanchez: These “Boring Businesses” Will Make You Rich
416: Codie Sanchez: These “Boring Businesses” Will Make You Rich

416: Codie Sanchez: These “Boring Businesses” Will Make You Rich

Update: 2023-05-291


Want to replace your nine-to-five? You'll need to know how to buy a business. And while you may think that you need to be some high-level executive or business-building savant, the reality is that TONS of profitable businesses are selling for pennies on the dollar, just waiting for you to come in, scoop them up, and start making six (or even seven) figures without doing all the work. This is the EXACT strategy that Codie Sanchez used to leave her high-paid banking career to make millions running so-called “boring” businesses.

Whether it’s a laundromatlandscaping service, or law firm, businesses are up for sale without you even knowing it. You DON’T need to be an industry expert to get in on any of these deals. Many of the businesses that Codie has bought have been outside of her core competency. She’s gotten so good at business-buying that Codie now helps other want-to-be entrepreneurs get out of their jobs and into businesses that’ll help them build wealth. Codie’s ten simple steps to business buying can help ANYONE buy, build, and profit from a “boring” business.

Codie breaks down exactly why she left the big paychecks behind to start buying businesses, the repeatable steps to acquiring and growing a business, which business you should be looking for, and five to NEVER buy. You’ll also hear how she funds these business purchases and what to do AFTER buying a business that massively multiplies revenue and makes you millions!

In This Episode We Cover

The “boring” businesses that can replace your salary and make you a millionaire

How to buy a business from start to finish and five business types you MUST avoid 

Jobs vs. businesses and how to ensure you buy cash flow, not another nine-to-five

Codie’s buy box and EXACTLY what she looks for when acquiring a business

Where to find funding for business purchases (and which sellers will offer you financing)

Hiring, firing, and becoming the CEO of your first business

And So Much More!

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416: Codie Sanchez: These “Boring Businesses” Will Make You Rich

416: Codie Sanchez: These “Boring Businesses” Will Make You Rich