DiscoverThe Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast#42 Fiona Moss - Hustle Less. Align More.
#42 Fiona Moss - Hustle Less. Align More.

#42 Fiona Moss - Hustle Less. Align More.

Update: 2019-07-05


 Today I’m delighted to be joined from London by Fiona Moss

*Health & Life Coach 

▫️Motivational Speaker

▫️Helping women rise up from low self-esteem, build up your self-respect and learn how to be limitless!

Fiona is a reformed corporate executive who lived the typical rat race lifestyle. Constantly seeking to achieve, to get to the next step.

Fiona was trying to do everything, succeed in everything and be everywhere, but the only thing she was really achieving was burning herself out. She was anxious and tired, had completely forgotten what it feels like to be herself anymore and had such little self worth that she had neglected herself and her health.

When someone very close to her became very ill this brought about a point where Fiona could no longer handle it all. She was barely keeping it all together and didn’t have the coping mechanisms to handle any.

So she quit her job, and went on a journey of exploring, searching and opening up, to discover how she could reclaim herself and also to be able to help others that found themselves in the same situation.

Fiona now supports women who feel the same as she felt. Who are struggling to keep up with the demands of our society, that no longer feel healthy, happy and have very little, if any at all, self esteem.

She supports them to rise back up, to grow, to flourish, to regain their confidence and to reignite their fire.

For so many of us in this modern world we can find ourselves in the same situation; exhausted, scrambling to keep your head above water, trying to be everything to everyone, searching for the approval, trying to please everyone but ourselves. Where did all these pressures come from? How did we conclude that these were the right things to chase?  Fiona is here today to help us decode all of this and guide us on how we can let go of these pressures and be happier, stronger, healthier, filled with energy, hope and optimism.

One thing that I really took away from it was to really slow down, allow ourselves some space in the day to breath and to gather ourselves. We might feel like we always have a million things today but if you try to have more presence, stay mindful and centered in yourself you may find you will get far more done and feel far less strung out too. Give it a go and let me know how it works out for you.

If you’d like to follow up on Fiona you can find her on instagram @fionamoss_ and via her website

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That’s all from me for now I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast, I’ll catch you on the next episode, in the meantime remember to work hard, be kind, and smile often.

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#42 Fiona Moss - Hustle Less. Align More.

#42 Fiona Moss - Hustle Less. Align More.

Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast