DiscoverBuild Your Network426: PJ Kev & Aaron Wilson | Private Jets and Celebrity Brands
426: PJ Kev & Aaron Wilson | Private Jets and Celebrity Brands

426: PJ Kev & Aaron Wilson | Private Jets and Celebrity Brands

Update: 2020-06-19


Starting with a little more than a love for travel, Kelvin “PJ Kev” Mensah has secured his standing as one of the youngest and most well-known private jet brokers in the world. Servicing high-net-worth individuals from all walks of life (spanning across media & entertainment, the sports industry, and corporate America), the illustrious serial entrepreneur has been acknowledged as one of the travel industry’s rising stars. With an unparalleled presence in North America, the United Kingdom, and West Africa, Kelvin chartered 100+ private jets in 2019 and shows no sign of taking his foot off the gas on his road to success.

His passion for the industry took a new form right before college as he aimed to carve out a career path and enter a market none of his colleagues had had success in. “I didn’t even know what I was doing in the beginning,” Kelvin humbly admits, but he knew he didn’t want to settle for mediocrity – “I wanted to be involved at the highest level!” The luxury brand innovator reached out to a good portion of his like-minded contacts and kept knocking on doors until he secured his first job with a brokerage company within his first year of moving to LA. Five years later, Kelvin is now an esteemed private jet broker and technology executive. That rocky beginning every entrepreneur experiences has now evolved into a global movement for Kelvin, who is now redirecting his initiatives regarding expansion towards his parents’ hometown of Accra, Ghana.

Upon starting his career in private aviation, he has embarked on a philanthropic journey to start a mentorship foundation which will provide children with the tools and resources they need to excel academically. By giving others an opportunity to follow in his footsteps, he is creating an unparalleled fellowship that could go on for generations. Kelvin is adamant about showcasing the wonders of the world most millennials do not have an opportunity to experience, while highlighting the beauty of Africa.Throughout his career, he has developed relationships with multiple influencers who are willing to travel with him while raising awareness around Africa’s multitude of resources and tourist attractions. 

In fact, he has already discussed ventures in Africa with the likes of Meek Mill, Akon, and Sean Combs.

Stay tuned for some of the exciting initiatives Kelvin is set to roll out this year and beyond as he plans to bring awareness to West Africa’s luxury market on an unprecedented scale.

Aaron Wilson is a highly-decorated serial entrepreneur who has sought to leverage a culmination of his experience into service offerings being rendered through his full-service business consulting firm, Wilson Talent Solutions. Wilson Talent Solutions is a business consulting & business coaching firm, started with the goal of giving all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals access to resources and information that successful venture capitalists & entrepreneurs have used to scale & grow their businesses quickly. Wilson Talent Solutions is primarily focused on providing business coaching to entrepreneurs & executives, executive coaching to c-suite professionals, business strategy, finance strategy, marketing, career coaching, and personal branding expertise to professionals from an array of disciplines & industries who range in experience from entry-level to the c-suite.

Aaron is set to release a new eBook entitled, "Level Up Pocket Consultant" in late March 2020. He has described the book as a "transformational experience for all entrepreneurs & professionals" who want to take their business and careers to the next level. The book takes a deep dive into sales strategy, marketing, business strategy, business model creation, and what Aaron finds most important, leadership & team-building. Additionally, Aaron was brought on board at the #1 podcast network for professionals, Bleav Network, and now has a podcast entitled, "Level Up". The podcast sits at the intersection of business & lifestyle and aims to deliver business-related content in a digestible fashion.

Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron Wilson shares how he had a deep love of music from a very early age.
  • PJ Kev discusses the hustler spirit that comes from an immigrant background.
  • Hear how PJ Kev began to prioritize networking.
  • Discover a few key steps to getting funding for your start up.

3 Key Points:

  1. Your environment shapes you.
  2. Now is the time to help others.
  3. Create a highly scheduled model for your business.

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426: PJ Kev & Aaron Wilson | Private Jets and Celebrity Brands

426: PJ Kev & Aaron Wilson | Private Jets and Celebrity Brands

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