DiscoverThe Fight Back Podcast#43 Minna Kim - Martial Arts Saved Me Twice
#43 Minna Kim - Martial Arts Saved Me Twice

#43 Minna Kim - Martial Arts Saved Me Twice

Update: 2021-09-07


**Trigger Warning*** This episode includes details of Minna's experience with domestic violence including the many ways she ways abused. Listeners may feel uncomfortable hearing what is described.


Minna Kim is domestic violence survivor and an MMA, Muay Thai and jiu jitsu practitioner. She also has a masters degree in child and youth care counseling with a special interest in youth protection.


In this episode of the Fight Back Podcast, Georgia gets a glimpse of Minna’s story on her escape from domestic violence and how martial arts saved her from the 4 years of traumatic events. Tune in for an inspiring story of overcoming adversity and rebuilding herself to become the person that she is today.


“I encourage you to do what is best for you and your children. The worst that you want is to have your children think that abuse is normal or that it's okay to treat people the way you are being treated.” - Minna Kim


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Thank you to our sponsor: Safie.

Safie is a violence prevention app that could save your life!

Thank you so much to Nari for the beautiful song "Shape Me" heard at the beginning and end of this episode. Nari wrote this song about Shape Your Life, a boxing program for self-identified female survivors of violence in Canada. She wrote this song using the words and experiences shared by participants with Cathy Van Ingen. You can find out more about Shape Your Life in my interview with Cathy in Episode 8. You can hear more of Nari's work by going to her Instagram: @narithesaga

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#43 Minna Kim - Martial Arts Saved Me Twice

#43 Minna Kim - Martial Arts Saved Me Twice