DiscoverAlmost 30439. Are We All Healers?
439. Are We All Healers?

439. Are We All Healers?

Update: 2021-06-29


Energy healer, entrepreneur – and Krista's wedding officiant, Millana Snow, shares space and profound wisdom with a conversation centered on her journey to becoming a healer, self-empowerment, and spiritual growth. It's a beautiful closing of a circle from her last episode back in 2017, as she has made monumental strides in just about every aspect of her life since her previous pod chat with K + L. 

Millana unpacks her initial resistance to publically “coming out” as a healer. Since doing so, she has seriously up-leveled into the upper echelons of the wellness world (yay, abundance!), evolving her spiritual practice by teaching herself and her clients to jump into the unknown and release attachments to narratives that no longer serve them. 

This truly enriching conversation will inspire you to believe manifesting your dream life is 100% possible, and you don't have to look outside yourself to do so.  

We also talk about:

  • Friendship origins 
  • Stepping into being a healer 
  • Belief mindset and leaning into healing 
  • Analyzing attachment to old narratives and constructs
  • Work, money, time, and sense of worth
  • Cutting cords and setting boundaries
  • Deep learnings and manifesting partnership
  • Millana’s offerings and online courses!

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439. Are We All Healers?

439. Are We All Healers?

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