DiscoveroneLife maps Podcast44. Facing Change: The Gospel of Matthew as a Life-Stage Guide
44. Facing Change: The Gospel of Matthew as a Life-Stage Guide

44. Facing Change: The Gospel of Matthew as a Life-Stage Guide

Update: 2019-10-13


Alexander Shaia returns to the oneLife Maps Podcast to talk with Sharon Swing about the Gospel of Matthew as a life-stage guide for facing change.

You may want to listen to the first episode we recorded with Alexander in episode 34: Reading the Gospels as Life-Stage Guides.

If you have engaged in 'Listen to My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story,' you may find that your lingering question may be a reflection of the four questions we discuss in this episode of the OneLIfe Maps Podcast. The Gospels may have more to say about how to navigate thru this season of your life than you may imagine.

Alexander Shaia invites us to take a look at the gospel thru a fresh lens and read each gospel account as more than a telling of Jesus' life and words. Each is the story of a practice in response to a core life question:

Gospel of Matthew: How do we face change? (The focus of this episode.)

Mark: How do we move through trials and suffering?

John: How do we receive joy and know union?

Luke: How do we mature in service?

And these four gospels are more than the sum of their parts. The four in the sequence of their fourth century reading cycle are one of the world's great maps of the universal journey- one of growth, transformation and love. As Alexander's describes, The Four-Gospel Journey is the pattern of the living, here and now Christ - a pattern within the Cosmos, in everything and across all time. To make this universal journey with another or a small community - see the "Heart and Mind Companion Guides" at the Quadratos website. The Guides follow the book. There is one guide for each of the four paths, as well as one to prepare for the journey, and another on the eight core practices of Quadratos. 

Alexander John Shaia, PhD, is a thoughtful and poetic man, living the ancient rhythms of his Lebanese and Aramaic heritage. With deep conviction, he invites us into a practice of spirituality (and Christianity) for the twenty-first century—one that crosses traditional boundaries, encourages vital thinking and inhabits a genuine community of the heart. As a spiritual director, educator, anthropologist, psychologist, Sandplay therapist and ritualist, Alexander is a wholistic, cross-discipline visionary and passionate professional speaker. He founded The Journey of Quadratos LLC, as well as the Blue Door Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now he travels internationally, speaking, leading seminars and conducting retreats on Quadratos, the Four-Gospel Journey and Gateway to Oneness (The 72 Hours of Easter.) Each autumn Alexander guides an intimate band of pilgrims on the Camino, the West’s most ancient path of transformation. See the Quadratos website for more about his work and offerings. Contact info for speaking engagements is also found on the website.

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44. Facing Change: The Gospel of Matthew as a Life-Stage Guide

44. Facing Change: The Gospel of Matthew as a Life-Stage Guide