DiscoverAlmost 30447. All The Inspiration You Need
447. All The Inspiration You Need

447. All The Inspiration You Need

Update: 2021-07-29


Catch the highlight reel from last week’s Camp Almost 30, where K + L shared sacred space with Elisa Romeo, Terri Cole, Africa Brooke, Aaron Abke, Devi Brown, Adriana Ayales, Jas The Moon Mother, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, and Almost 30 Nation. Excuse the name-drop blast, but we’re literally still buzzing from this fire lineup! 

To me, the soul is the part of us that is all-loving, it’s all-knowing, and it’s always there behind the noise. -  Elisa Romeo, Camp Almost 30 

Dive into the juiciest nuggets from this curated, conscious collective as they share their potent medicine on topics ranging from self-care, boundaries, unity consciousness, rituals, to self-empowerment. 

Only when you know what you’re truly afraid of can you shift something. - Africa Brooke, Camp Almost 30 

If you’d like an all access pass to all the talks from this incredibly inspiring event, be sure to grab an Almost 30 membership, which only has two days left for enrollment (closing July 31st). Go to for more information.  

We also talk about:

  • K+L: The Stories We Tell Ourselves 
  • Elisa Romeo: Meet Your Soul 
  • Terri Cole: Codependency + Boundaries in Relationships 
  • Africa Brooke: Moving from Self-Censorship to Mindful Self-Expression
  • Aaron Abke: The Science of Reincarnation
  • Devi Brown: You Are Limitless
  • Adriana Ayales: Psychic Cleansing Techniques Through The Use of Herbs + Altars
  • Jas The Moon Mother: You Are God: Identifying as God
  • Radhi Devlukia-Shetty: Conscious Living: Nourish Your Mind, Body, Soul + Planet Earth 


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447. All The Inspiration You Need

447. All The Inspiration You Need

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