45 Trying for a second

45 Trying for a second

Update: 2020-12-022


Today in episode 45 of Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew, we sit down and have a discussion all of you have been asking us about.... a second kid.

We talk about our thoughts and hesitations with having another child; what we're fearful, anxious, but most importantly, excited about.

A few topics we cover:

- will we have enough time for another child?

- how will this affect Drew?

- can we love another child as much as we love her?

- how does that fit into our lifestyle?

- what if there are complications?

We really get deep in this one, but it's a conversation we are excited to bring you. Let us know if there is anything we missed or should be considering at a time like this.

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45 Trying for a second

45 Trying for a second

Shawn Johnson + Andrew East