DiscoverAlmost 30450. Comparison: Why We Do It + How to Deal
450. Comparison: Why We Do It + How to Deal

450. Comparison: Why We Do It + How to Deal

Update: 2021-08-101


In this episode, Krista examines the scientific root of comparison and the knock-on effects it can have on one's confidence and sense of self. 

Everyone can relate to the sensation of seeing green when a friend or someone you know or admire achieves a life milestone you're yearning for. It's human, it's real, and can be mentally excruciating – if you fall down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk. 

When Krista caught herself slipping down the comparison spiral, she decided to delve into the rationale behind it, and explore the theme with Almost 30 Nation in greater detail. Tune in to uncover Krista's spiritual support system that allows you to break free from comparative thought loops and step back into your power.

We also talk about:

  • The science of comparison 
  • Why some people are prone to comparing themselves to others 
  • Identifying your inner-critic
  • How to with comparison and negative self-talk 
  • Learning to be your own best friend and hyping up yourself
  • Reframing comparison
  • Living uncensored


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450. Comparison: Why We Do It + How to Deal

450. Comparison: Why We Do It + How to Deal

Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik