DiscoverNature Reliance Media#46 I Fell 150 Feet and Survived
#46 I Fell 150 Feet and Survived

#46 I Fell 150 Feet and Survived

Update: 2020-12-17


I'm your host, Tracy Trimble.   Now, I’m a firm believer that if you do something with risk and haven’t had an accident then you just haven’t been doing it long enough, because accidents will happen.  It is like an undefeated boxer.  An undefeated boxer is just an individual that hasn’t fought long enough.  Defeat is bound to happen and an accident is bound to occur.  Such an accident hit our search and rescue team back in 2019.  If you have listened to the PC before you know that I am a member of a SAR team that services Central KY and primarily the Red River Gorge area.  This team is an all-volunteer team but is one of the most professional organizations I have been associated with and that is a direct reflection of our leadership:  John May, our Chief;  Mike Hackett, our assistant chief; and Mark Ryan our training officer.    Today John and Mike join Craig and me as we discuss that 2019 accident.  The following discussion details a fall that John underwent when he and another teammate, Becky, were rappelling to gain faster access to a lost hiker.   John and Mike detail the small errors that culminated that night.  They discuss the errors, the uncontrolled descent or fall, Mike’s medical assistance to John, raising John back to the cliff’s topside, and John’s injuries and recovery.  Note that the team provided us with photos of that night and we have included them in a blog located at

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#46 I Fell 150 Feet and Survived

#46 I Fell 150 Feet and Survived

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