DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#47: Gila Manolson - The Power of Personal Dignity
#47: Gila Manolson - The Power of Personal Dignity

#47: Gila Manolson - The Power of Personal Dignity

Update: 2022-01-27


How can you exert power without taking center stage?

How can you use the practical to concretize the abstract?

Are traditional roles actually more empowering for women?

These and other unorthodox questions are addressed when feminist author and speaker Gila Manolson joins The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:30   A story of personal transformation

A feminist atheist sees gender roles in a new way

A vision of purity introduced a different view of life and intimacy

6:00 Modesty is an expression of self-value and self-worth

Directing our attention toward the internal rather than the external

The astounding personal dignity of a former Miss America

The relationship between man and wife is a paradigm for intimacy with the Creator

Using the practical to concretize the abstract

10:30 The paradox of distance bringing us closer

The case for sexual integrity

Rules are set in place for our benefit

Superficial intimacy can teach us not to trust

Even the truest, most articulate message needs the right messenger

18:00 The more you liberate yourself from external validation, the more secure you become in yourself and your value will be recognized by others

The secret to a successful relationship

The mission to “civilize” men

Arousing the inner will rather than the outer will

Women have more power than they know

25:00 Are traditional roles actually more empowering for women?

Women are less attracted by superficiality than men

Don’t pretend men and women aren’t different

30:00 Why is there a partition in traditional synagogues?

Avoid distraction and focus on our individual relationships with the Almighty

Modesty applies to men as well as women

“The absent sense of self”

I’m not my body, my achievements, or my associations… what is my essence?

37:00 How can women feel responsible for men’s reactions without feeling like second class citizens?

As members of the same society, we are all responsible for one another

Power is the ability to affect change, even without taking center stage

43:00 There is nothing more powerful than putting others in touch with their own souls

Too few people in this world are truly in touch with themselves

What is the contribution that we have the unique ability to make?

Women owe nothing to men (or anyone)

Not needing to be liked gives us the freedom to be our best selves

49:00 How the sixties destroyed boundaries and defeated their own purpose

We don’t need sheep, we need leaders

When it comes to our children (and ourselves), we have to stand up for what’s right

Believe in yourself

The C in ETHICS is courage, which is only possible with confidence

56:30   The word of the day:  saccade

the act of checking a horse quickly with a single strong pull of the reins.

Ophthalmology. the series of small, jerky movements of the eyes when changing focus from one point to another.

Modesty is the filter that protects from the distractions of the world and enables us to rein in our baser impulses

Reclaiming wholesomeness









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#47: Gila Manolson - The Power of Personal Dignity

#47: Gila Manolson - The Power of Personal Dignity

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP