DiscoverBuild Your Network472: Rishon Blumberg | 10x Your Relationships
472: Rishon Blumberg | 10x Your Relationships

472: Rishon Blumberg | 10x Your Relationships

Update: 2020-10-06


Rishon Blumberg is co-author of GAME CHANGER and co-founder of 10x Management, a talent agency for tech professionals that has rocketed to the forefront of the tech industry, carving out its place as a trusted and exclusive resource for companies seeking the best and most coveted freelance tech experts. Rishon is, first and foremost, an entrepreneur. It’s what he studied — graduating from the Wharton School of Business with a degree in entrepreneurial management in 1994. It’s what he’s lived and it’s what he loves. For more than 25 years, he’s harnessed that spirit to create and lead successful organizations based in tech, entertainment, and the nonprofit sphere— finding new solutions to long-standing and emerging challenges.
Rishon has presented at TEDx, been published in the Harvard Business Review, and was featured on the cover of the Wharton Alumni of New York Magazine.
On this Episode:
Rishon talks about how his early childhood exposure to the music industry set up his entrepreneurial journey with his still business partner, Michael Solomon. 
Rishon tells Travis how they kept running into the same problem with hiring tech professionals and why that turned into their business of a talent agency.
Rishon and Travis talk about the hybrid aspect of his business and how it came about.
Rishon tells Travis about his business partnership and the influence it has had on his life.
Rishon discusses his new book, Game Changer: How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy.
Key Takeaways:
Evaluate your skill sets to see if they fit other tangent industries
Seek guidance from others
Match your IQ with your EQ (emotional intelligence) to truly connect!

Tweetable Quotes:
“Other people can very often see things in you that you don’t really know about yourself.” - Rishon
“Who you know is not enough. It’s who you are and who you know.” - Rishon

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472: Rishon Blumberg | 10x Your Relationships

472: Rishon Blumberg | 10x Your Relationships

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