DiscoverBuild Your Network476: Joel Manby | Using Love in Your Leadership
476: Joel Manby | Using Love in Your Leadership

476: Joel Manby | Using Love in Your Leadership

Update: 2020-10-13


Joel Manby is an author, speaker, and 25+year corporate CEO for companies such as Saab, Herschend Family Entertainment and Sea World. During his tenure, Joel focused on implementing leadership principles guided by love. As a result, Joel has written ‘Love Works’, which is founded on 7 timeless principles of agape love; these principles can be applied to every organization.
On this Episode:
Joel talks about how growing up in a poor household drove him to make his decisions based on money rather than his original passion.
Joel tells Travis about his first business venture in the auto industry, and how even in a complex business they could carve out a niche.
Joel discusses how his relationship with his boss and his hard work ethic opened up a big opportunity at a young age at Saab.
After several years in the auto industry, Joel talks about the transition into the entertainment and theme park industry and why that took place.
Joel explains the change and shift in his leadership style through his change in industries.
Joel and Travis talk about the book and the 7 principles of agape love.
Key Takeaways:

Focus first on what you are really passionate about.
When you lead with love, it’s how you treat people- not how you feel about them. 
Learn to delegate well.

Tweetable Quotes:
“We were the first company truly to focus on how people were treated in the car buying experience... That one little twist made Saturn stand out in an incredibly crowded marketplace.” - Joel 

“To have the best, highly productive culture in any company, you should not only focus on the ‘do’ goals but the ‘be’ goals.” - Joel

Joel Manby:
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You can also check out his blog and other resources there as well!

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476: Joel Manby | Using Love in Your Leadership

476: Joel Manby | Using Love in Your Leadership

Travis Chappell