DiscoverSpark from CBC Radio476: The Pandemic and Internet Health
476: The Pandemic and Internet Health

476: The Pandemic and Internet Health

Update: 2020-05-15


In the midst of a global health crisis, how's the health...of the internet?

Being online has clearly emerged as a necessity. But with online tools like video chat exploding in popularity, a look at whether they have the safety and security we need. And whether the current crisis will force a change in how tech giants operate.

And in the midst of so much bad pandemic news, maybe there's a bright spot: a return to the positive, open values of the early internet.

+ Lawyer Njeri Damali Sojourner Campbell has a YouTube channel and a Facebook group where she focuses on Afrofuturist fiction. But when the pandemic hit and so many of us were suddenly alone in our homes, she decided to start Quarantined Pages: daily video conferences where you read -- silently -- with others.

+ Many hoped that the World Wide Web would lead to the betterment of human knowledge but it hasn't always lived up to that idealistic vision. Angela Misri is digital director at The Walrus. During this pandemic she's seeing evidence of a more supportive digital community that finally lives up to the web's promise.

+ The pandemic has underscored the importance of internet connectivity in an unprecedented way. Most of us are now using it as our primary means of communicating with friends, family, colleagues and even our healthcare providers. What has this meant for privacy and internet traffic generally? The Mozilla Foundation, which makes the Firefox browser, has been tracking this. Mark Surman, the foundation's executive director, talks to Nora.








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476: The Pandemic and Internet Health

476: The Pandemic and Internet Health