DiscoverThe Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast#48 - Jeddy Azuma - The Rising Man Movement
#48 - Jeddy Azuma - The Rising Man Movement

#48 - Jeddy Azuma - The Rising Man Movement

Update: 2020-01-22


Welcome back to  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

This week I’m grateful to be joined from California by Jeddy Azuma - creator of The Rising Man Movement and host of The Rising Man Podcast

Millions of men feel a deep yearning to serve but don’t know how to start. Through his work, Jeddy offers his wisdom on hearing the subtle messages and tapping into our highest vision.

Open relating and transparent sharing are essential elements to the Rising Man Movement. Finding the courage to communicate our deepest desires, fears, and emotions often leads to huge breakthroughs.

Jeddy has been deeply involved in this area of men’s work for over a decade and I’m delighted to get the chance to glean some wisdom from him, to find out more about him and his work.

In our conversation we talk about

What is men’s work

Initiation from boyhood to manhood

His journey through repression of self, substance abuse

Elder mentorship

Vision quest - indigenous practices, rights of passage

The phases of rights of passage

Breaking generational cycles and reconciling relationships

His core parenting values to raise conscious children

I loved this discussion with Jeddy. What really stood out for me is the need and importance of this kind of work in our world today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, or however you associate, there is huge value in all of us breaking free from our unconscious patterns to live more in alignment with our higher selves. If each of us takes on that responsbility, it will raise the collective vibration. Through that we will see cultural and societal shifts. It goes back to the age old saying, if you want the world to change you have to first change yourself.

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If you’d like to follow up on Jeddy all the links will be in the show notes to the show. You can find him on instagram @jeddyazuma Check out his podcast The Rising Man Podcast @risingmanmovement and

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Thank you so much for tuning in, I’m so grateful that you chose to give of your precious time in listening to this podcast.

That’s all from me for now I’m Peter Ledwidge, this is the Pursuit of Enhancement podcast, I’ll catch you next on the next one, in the meantime remember to work hard, be kind, stay humble and smile often.

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#48 - Jeddy Azuma - The Rising Man Movement

#48 - Jeddy Azuma - The Rising Man Movement

Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast