DiscoverBuild Your Network480: Joshua Earp | Marketing and Mentalism
480: Joshua Earp | Marketing and Mentalism

480: Joshua Earp | Marketing and Mentalism

Update: 2020-10-20


Joshua Earp is a world renowned entrepreneur, investor, mentalist, musician, search engine optimization specialist and actor that has been featured on ABC, FOX CBS, NBC, Netflix, Hulu, FX and Showtime. He has spoken at the world's top business events according to Forbes, Entrepreneur and INC 500 where he has shared the stage with Edward Snowden, Steve Wozniak, Halle Berry, John Travolta along with countless other business and entertainment industry icons. Joshua has written songs and samples for the producers of Justin Timberlake, Drake, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Jay Z just to name a few in addition to his team being credited for the marketing and publicity of the 15-time Emmy award winning show “The Bay”.
On this Episode: 
Hear Joshua tell about his decision to start playing guitar at 8 years old and how that evolved into his focus and passion in mentalism and marketing.
Joshua explains the connection between understanding psychological and mental principles and marketing.
Travis and Joshua talk about the relationships that helped Joshua capitalize on his knowledge.
Joshua discusses the importance of getting in the room with the right people and doing something about it once you're there to find success.
Key Takaways:
Before you can excel in marketing, you need to understand the market.
Before you can teach, participate and network at events.
Become the right person, and you will attract the right people. 

Tweetable Quote:
“We are all unique... We were born an original and we don’t want to die a copy.” - Joshua Earp
“Instead of going out looking for the right person, it’s more about becoming the right person.” - Joshua Earp

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480: Joshua Earp | Marketing and Mentalism

480: Joshua Earp | Marketing and Mentalism

Travis Chappell