DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast486: How to Be Self-Reliant & Ready for the Unexpected | Clint Emerson
486: How to Be Self-Reliant & Ready for the Unexpected | Clint Emerson

486: How to Be Self-Reliant & Ready for the Unexpected | Clint Emerson

Update: 2022-07-28


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Clint Emerson (IG: @100deadlyskills) grew up in Saudi Arabia, attended high school in North Dallas and enlisted in the Navy in 1994, serving as a SEAL operator at SEAL Team Three, the NSA, and SEAL Team Six, before retiring in 2015.

Now he runs a crisis-management company, Escape the Wolf.

Today we’re discussing Clint’s latest book, The Rugged Life: The Modern Guide to Self-Reliance.

Stick around and learn how to design and live a more independent life for you and your family.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What does the “rugged life” mean?
  • Start with your interests
  • Be your own homemaker
  • Learn how to collect water + how to filter it
  • You still need an income to live off-grid
  • Be your own power grid
  • Do you like who you’re living with?
  • How to make a vertical garden out of old tires
  • Ideas to monetize your farm
  • The willingness to fail
  • Build a community to barter with
  • How to build a chicken coop in your backyard
  • Understanding the cycle of life and death on the farm
  • The spiritual aspect of valuing nature
  • Be your own protector
  • Become your own handyman
  • Solve your own problems
  • Being self-reliant doesn’t mean being stupid
  • Clint’s transition from being a Navy SEAL to civilian life
  • Make a decision, do research, take action
  • Movement is naturally built into the rugged life
  • Take advantage of luxury & time

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486: How to Be Self-Reliant & Ready for the Unexpected | Clint Emerson

486: How to Be Self-Reliant & Ready for the Unexpected | Clint Emerson

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