DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast488: How to Stop Gaining Weight by Turning off Your Fat Storage Switch | Dr. Richard Johnson
488: How to Stop Gaining Weight by Turning off Your Fat Storage Switch | Dr. Richard Johnson

488: How to Stop Gaining Weight by Turning off Your Fat Storage Switch | Dr. Richard Johnson

Update: 2022-08-091


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Dr. Richard Johnson (IG: @drrichardjjohnson) is a practicing physician and has been a medical scientist for over 25 years.

He is internationally recognized for his seminal work on the role of sugar and its component fructose, in obesity and diabetes. Rick’s work has also suggested a fundamental role for uric acid (which is generated during fructose metabolism) in the metabolic syndrome.

He is currently a Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Today we’re discussing Rick’s latest book, Nature Wants Us to Be Fat: The Surprising Science Behind Why We Gain Weight and How We Can Prevent - and Reverse - It.

We’ve evolved to put on fat to survive during times of food shortage - stick around to learn about the switch that puts us into this fat storage mode and how to avoid flipping it so we can maintain a healthy weight.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why does nature want us to be fat?
  • Animals that hibernate gain weight and live off fat for months
  • Obesity in pets & zoo animals is a huge issue
  • The surprising link between climate change and obesity
  • How fructose activates "the switch"
  • Fructose causes leptin resistance
  • The connection between uric acid and fructose
  • Ditch sugar & high fructose corn syrup/processed foods
  • A low fructose diet = a low carb, high fat diet
  • Don’t fear fruit in moderation + the truth about smoothies!
  • Fruit juices have been associated with obesity in children
  • How glucose can get converted to fructose in the body
  • What chemical reaction is activated by salt and dehydration?
  • When you burn fat, you produce water
  • Umami foods are high in glutamate
  • Foods & drinks that activate "the switch"
  • The stages of obesity
  • Over-activating "the switch" long-term will beat up your mitochondria
  • Obesity is associated with high blood levels of vasopressin
  • Simple ways to heal your mitochondria

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488: How to Stop Gaining Weight by Turning off Your Fat Storage Switch | Dr. Richard Johnson

488: How to Stop Gaining Weight by Turning off Your Fat Storage Switch | Dr. Richard Johnson

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