DiscoverBuild Your Network488: Maurice Ashley | Chess Grandmaster Gives Life Insights
488: Maurice Ashley | Chess Grandmaster Gives Life Insights

488: Maurice Ashley | Chess Grandmaster Gives Life Insights

Update: 2020-11-03


For those who are pursuing world-class caliber, today we’ll learn from my guest, Maurice Ashley, the Chess Grandmaster. This man lives his passion through his love for chess, and he not only made history as the first African-American Grandmaster in the annals of the game but he has managed to translate his love to others as a three-time national championship coach, author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker. Maurice has a wealth of experience from traveling the world as an ardent spokesperson of the many character-building effects of chess.
Let’s tune in together and grab some powerful life insights from the Grandmaster himself.
Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 - 08:09 ] Opening Segment
I introduce today’s guest, Maurice Ashley
Maurice gives some background on his story
Early childhood
Raised in Jamaica by his Grandmother
Free-time activities
Built a love for games
The transition from Jamaica to the US
Educational life
[08:10 - 14:06 ] So Much More Than a Game
Maurice talks about his story of getting into chess
Going into the chess club
Chess finds you
The brain for the game
How chess sharpens other areas
It’s about making good decisions on every move
Getting inside the mind of the opponent
Patience and diligence
[14:07 - 25:24 ] Pursuing the Elements of World-Class; Insights from Chess
Maurice talks about pursuing world-class
Being a humble learner
Look at the best in your field
Don’t imitate, emulate
Willingness to fail
Improving at the plateau
Process over result
The goal to become a grandmaster
Maurice’s college experience
Becoming better than Brooklyn
15 years to get to that level
Maurice explains the tiers
The martial arts analogy
Top of the food chain
Beating the people with the title
Takeaways from Chess
You can come in at every level
So many resources online
Having an opponent with real ideas
The person you speak to have ideas
Learn what others think
[25:25 - 33:04 ] Closing Segment
The importance of embracing failure
Take the lessons and grow
How to make decisions in life?
There is no system or sequence
Every situation has it’s own process
Look for the expectations as well as the rules
Think about the other person first
Stop and analyze
Who are people that inspire you?
Learning through books
Tim Ferriss
Jacky Robinson
Fredrick Douglass
Dr. King and Malcolm
Sports stars and business leaders
Final words

Tweetable Quotes:
“Chess finds you… it’s a little bit like a virus except it’s not looking necessarily for everybody who’s gonna get obsessed with it. There are certain people’s brains work a certain kind of way, and it goes, ‘ok, I got a Live One here!’” - Maurice Ashley
“I think anyone who wants to be world-class, there are certain elements that have to be in their tool-kit. The biggest one is to be a humble learner.” - Maurice Ashley
“It’s much more important that you get inside the other person’s head, really parse out what they’re about every time we act…. It’s always we, not just me.” - Maurice Ashley

Resources Mentioned: (Mastery)

You can connect with Maurice on (LinkedIn), (Twitter), and (Instagram). Visit ( to learn more about his space.

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488: Maurice Ashley | Chess Grandmaster Gives Life Insights

488: Maurice Ashley | Chess Grandmaster Gives Life Insights

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