DiscoverThe Cycling Podcast49: Our Giro stage 4: Imbroglio! Skulduggery at the Giro
49: Our Giro stage 4: Imbroglio! Skulduggery at the Giro

49: Our Giro stage 4: Imbroglio! Skulduggery at the Giro

Update: 2020-05-12


Our Giro arrives in Sicily and Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe discuss the race’s rich history of controversy, tactical ruthlessness and downright cheating.

From police raids to outlandish excuses for positive doping tests to Richard’s shocking wine-tasting notes, we cover it all.

We talk about Eddy Merckx’s positive test at Savona in 1969, the day a rampant Marco Pantani was stopped in his tracks and kicked out of the race, the stage that pushed the legendary race director Vincenzo Torriani to the limit, and the internal rivalry between Carerra teammates Roberto Visentini (the defending champion) and Stephen Roche in 1987. Plus there’s arguably the first social media controversy.

Having visited Sicily with the Giro twice in recent years, our coverage of the mafia has been perhaps superficial so we get the lowdown on the organised crime network from an expert, author and historian John Dickie.

And Lionel cooks a delightful summery dish of pasta alla norma with the expert guidance of award-winning food writer Felicity Cloake.

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The title music for Our Giro coverage is called Cozze by Amaraterra.

The Eagle of the Canavese by Herbie Sykes
Mountain High by Daniel Friebe
Mountain Higher by Daniel Friebe
The Cannibal by Daniel Friebe

Cosa Nostra by John Dickie

Mafia Botherhoods by John Dickie 
Day of the Owl by Leonardo Sciascia

In our stage five episode we will look at some of The Supernovas – riders who burned brightly, some of them only briefly, at the Giro but failed to replicate that sort of form at other races. The Prosecco Supernovas, if you will.

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If you have a smart turbo trainer, you can ride Our Giro on the RGT digital platform. Each stage is around 30 kilometres long and will be online for three days. Go to for details of how to download the app and sign up. Thanks to RGT and for helping us create Our Giro.

Our friends at have put together a ‘Selezione Our Giro’ case of 12 wines from around Italy. There’s also a ‘Baby Giro’ case of six bottles. Use the code ‘Our Giro’ when ordering. Cases can be delivered in the UK, excluding the Highlands and Northern Ireland, and a donation from each case will be made to the Scuola Ciclismo in Cene.








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49: Our Giro stage 4: Imbroglio! Skulduggery at the Giro

49: Our Giro stage 4: Imbroglio! Skulduggery at the Giro

Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore