DiscoverBuild Your Network491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life
491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life

491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life

Update: 2020-11-09


At the end of the day, we are only responsible for ourselves and our internal experience. Today we’re looking inward with Tucker Max, Co-Founder of (Scribe Writing), and author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Tucker’s life hadn’t always been easy. Going through many negative experiences, he left his destructive lifestyle behind and pursued his affinity for writing. Years of rejection after rejection from publishers, he broke through and has since been labeled best selling author of several titles. Today, Tucker is on a mission to unlock the wisdom of the world by helping executives and entrepreneurs turn their ideas and messages into books.
Let’s dive right into Tucker’s wild story and learn about a better way to live.
Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 - 11:28 ] Opening Segment
I introduce today’s guest, Tucker Max
What Tucker is known for
Tucker gives some background on his life growing up
Lived in Kentucky
A miserable time with a broken family
Good at school
Grew up playing basketball in Lexington
Able to fit into any group
Tucker’s time at a law firm
Emotionally disconnected
Just following the typical life structure
Fired after two weeks
Tucker talks about his time working for his dad
About Tucker’s dad
Fired by his dad
[11:29 - 17:35 ] There is an Audience
Tucker talks about finding his affinity for writing
Sent his content out to publishers
Rejection on a personalized level
Started a blog on his own
Tucker’s first book
Written 2002 then came out 2006
Bottomed out at 900 copies then came back up
Found an audience by being funny and current
Insights on writing something good
The people who find value in it
Just putting in work isn’t good enough
Work to resonate with people

[17:36 - 36:07 ] There Has to Be a Better Way
Tucker shares about his life post first book release
A movie made from his life
Wrote three more books
Wildly successful having everything you could ever need
Still not happy
Getting into personal development
Tucker shares his time in psychotherapy
The overwhelming nature of meditation
Changing the game
Processing the trauma
Finding happiness by dealing with the trauma
Tucker’s life now
Father and husband
Secure attachments
The effect of keeping in your emotions
Your body doesn’t forget the fight or flight
The animal analogy
The problem of religion
Internalized experienced versus the externalized

[36:08 - 50:01 ] Closing Segment
Who you know or What you know?
The what doesn’t matter, just the who
Tucker’s definition of success
The internal and external
Advice for people having trouble with relationships
We are a bunch of traumatized monkeys
Get off the ship
Ask how am I showing up?
How are you healing yourself?
Take full responsibility for yourself
You don’t have a relationship problem, you have a ‘you’ problem
Don’t adopt a victimhood lifestyle
What would you want to be your primary message?
Getting rid of the virus of victimhood
Complete radical responsibility for yourself
Everything starts at home
The RanDoM ROuNd
Resources and links below
Final words

Tweetable Quotes:
“There’s one definition of good: does this resonate with people? Do they get value from it? Do they want to engage with it? Do they want to share it?” - Tucker Max
“Having a map of Manhattan doesn’t really tell you what Manhattan is like, you kinda gotta walk the island… Knowing what you feel and feeling what you feel are totally different things.” - Tucker Max
“My definition of success is doing things that matter with the people I love.” - Tucker Max
“All growth and all healing starts with taking full responsibility for yourself.” - Tucker Max

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491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life

491: Tucker Max | A Better Way to Live Life

Travis Chappell