DiscoverBuild Your Network492: Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success
492: Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success

492: Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success

Update: 2020-11-10


Today’s perseverance is tomorrow’s success. If ever there was an embodiment of this, it’s today’s guest Sean Cannell, CEO of (Think Media) and co-founder of (Video Influencers). Sean has a passion for helping leaders build their influence and profits with YouTube and online video. He has been featured on Forbes “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business,” Social Media Examiner and Aside from having over a million subscribers on YouTube, he is a keynote speaker who has spoken to groups ranging from 50 to 2000+, and runs a 7-figure video education company.
I can’t wait to dive right in and learn more about Sean’s story of pushing through and finding success through connections and experiences you find along the way.
Things you will learn in this episode:
[00:01 - 14:35 ] Opening Segment
I introduce today’s guest, Sean Cannell
Activities and Success
In person interview!
Announcements (
Sean gives us some background on his story
Sean’s early life
The rebel lifestyle
The entrepreneur spirit
Step son to an entrepreneur
Creativity and structure
Sean’s thoughts on schooling
Problem of the school system
Discerning the unique wiring of your kids
Lessons from early life
Always do the hard thing first
Buying his first car
The value of money and hard work
Going through hard times
[14:36 - 26:22 ] The Wake Up Call
Sean shares his time after junior highschool
Finished out credits at community college
Worked at Red Robin
Realized the need for a different life
Attending Bible college
Back on track
The start of making videos
Started making videos for church
Self taught
Taking the first step
Just go some direction
You know you don’t want to be where you are
Sean shares his experience in college and church
Mismanaging money
Got on the radio as a campus job
Committed fully to the local church
The catalyst to today’s success
The value of volunteering
Honoring God with excellence

[26:23 - 41:34 ] It’s Time to Level Up; The Years to Success
Transitioning away from that church
Learned key leadership skills
Good and the bad
Wife’s health deteriorates
First business
Solo entrepreneur
Sean shares his experience while at the hospital
Hearing from Gary V
Now is the time to cash in on your passion
Fighting for your family
Sean talks about his big pivot
Through relationships and connections
Director of communications at a church in LV
Learning other processes from professionals
First successful projects
Sean talks about his shift into entrepreneurship
The move to becoming a campus pastor
More leadership lessons
Feeling like Michael Jordan playing baseball
Transitioned out and back to Vegas
Building YouTube
Started losing freelance clients
Go all in; October 2015

[41:35 - 52:23 ] What Can Happen When You Stay on the Path
Sean talks about his time scaling a team
Building a team culture
Learning team building and delegation
Meeting people through internships
The value of learning leadership in church
Having people help you scale by their strengths
Sean shares his insights on pushing through
Documentary on his life
Sean’s projects
Still on mission
Helping 1,000, 10,000, 1,000,000 people
Solving problems through video
Creating an online course
Investing in YouTube
Digital real estate
Sean shares his insights in the trajectory of online media
Not much change for the next 5 years
Viewership under lockdown has gone way up
Keeping your courses current
It’s still a good investment

[52:24 - 1:10:55 ] Closing Segment
Who you know or What you know?
Who you know for sure
A lot of what you know people without jobs
The world works in relationships
Another networking insight from Sean
It’s not bad to want something out of a relationship
Give value first and expectation later
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492: Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success

492: Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success

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