DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast492: Use Fasting as a Tool to Lose Weight & Prevent Disease | Mike Mutzel
492: Use Fasting as a Tool to Lose Weight & Prevent Disease | Mike Mutzel

492: Use Fasting as a Tool to Lose Weight & Prevent Disease | Mike Mutzel

Update: 2022-08-30


Watch the full video interview on YouTube here:

Mike Mutzel (IG: @metabolic_mike) has an undergraduate degree in Biology and a masters degree in Human Clinical Nutrition.

He’s the author of Belly Fat Effect.

Mike makes videos and podcasts to help everyday people around the world learn how to stay lean and metabolically healthy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Mike stopped extended fasting
  • The benefits of combining time-restricted feeding with exercise
  • The process of autophagy and why it’s important
  • Stop eating 3-4 hours before bed
  • How long do you need to fast if you exercise?
  • Find a feeding window that works for you
  • Try weight lifting for long-term weight loss
  • Sleep hygiene tips + why you need a LUX light meter
  • Mouth taping & nasal breathing boost sleep quality
  • Get outside for daily sun exposure
  • Think about the sun as a supplement
  • The surprising metabolic health benefits of thermal stress
  • How to activate brown fat
  • The supplements Mike recommendations
  • Understanding symptoms and analyzing blood work
  • Mike’s thoughts on functional medicine testing
  • Does coffee or tea break your fast?

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492: Use Fasting as a Tool to Lose Weight & Prevent Disease | Mike Mutzel

492: Use Fasting as a Tool to Lose Weight & Prevent Disease | Mike Mutzel

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