DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast493: Master This One Skill to Manifest the Future You Want | Dandapani
493: Master This One Skill to Manifest the Future You Want | Dandapani

493: Master This One Skill to Manifest the Future You Want | Dandapani

Update: 2022-09-062


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Dandapani (IG: @dandapanillc) is a Hindu priest, entrepreneur and former monk of 10 years.

He’s a highly sought-after international speaker and leading expert on leveraging the human mind and the power of focus to create a life of purpose and joy.

Dandapani and his wife are currently creating a thirty-three-acre spiritual sanctuary and garden in Costa Rica to further their mission of inspiring self-transformation and positively shifting humanity’s relationship with nature.

You’re going to learn all about mastering awareness in your mind and how this leads to manifesting your life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Focus on your purpose & priorities
  • Life is finite
  • Mastering awareness in your mind
  • Learning to focus is exhausting
  • How to manifest the life you want
  • You attract people of a similar frequency
  • Developing willpower helps control awareness
  • Finish what you begin
  • Smartphones are a distraction
  • Dandapani recalls wanting to becoming a monk as a kid
  • The aspects of self-realization
  • The fringes of enlightenment
  • The philosophy defines the required tools
  • Does your lifestyle support a meditation practice?
  • Navigating the superconscious area of the mind
  • Defining the three areas of the mind
  • Our subconscious mind is cluttered with information
  • Learn how a mentor can help you along your journey
  • Put what you learn into practice
  • How do you know if a guru is a good one or a dodgy one?
  • Dandapani's experience of giving up everything when he joined the monastery
  • A typical day of eating at the monastery
  • What possessions are you allowed to keep when you’re a monk?
  • The goal of monastic life
  • Simplify your life
  • Life after the monastery in New York City

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493: Master This One Skill to Manifest the Future You Want | Dandapani

493: Master This One Skill to Manifest the Future You Want | Dandapani

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