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5: The Worst Day Of Your Life

5: The Worst Day Of Your Life

Update: 2019-05-1422


How does it feel to be hunted for months by police officers and camera crews, both of whom seem hellbent on putting you on TV?

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Lois A. Grimm

The more I listen to this series, the more disgusted I become with what modern society terms entertainment. our society really doesn't seem to understand that all humans are deserving of their rights and of some base level of respect. It sickens me that anyone could listen to this series and how these shows adversely affect not just perps and victims but policing itself and still defend what is essentially a cesspool of the worst of humanity.

Apr 17th

Jeffrey Riddle

@31:19: Oh so it wasn't 52 times he was arrested. It was only 12 guys. Only 12 times. I don't know ANYONE who has been arrested ONCE let alone 12 times! What the hell are you doing downplaying his criminal history like that? There may be some harassment, but clearly this specific guy, who you hunted down, has a problem with recidivism. The complaint shouldn't be "he is being harrased by the police" but instead, "why is this guy need all of this attention from cops when he should have been rehabilitated a long time ago. I call this policing and not harassment. I have seen , first hand, a suspected prostitute become an armed and dangerous person on a second encounter. Booked for attempted murder that one.

Apr 16th
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Tuesday Hall

I thought it was common knowledge among viewers of Live PD that not everything on Live PD is live?

Oct 23rd

Anna Kramer

It doesn't bother me at all that the reckless actions of law breakers are broadcast for all to see. Bring it. Film it. Show it. Show the drunk driver swerving through traffic, the guy driving 100 miles an hour through a neighborhood, the temper tantrum that results in a wife beating. I hope the perps employers, future girlfriends, family, and friends see the awful choices the perps have made. Maybe humiliation will be a deterrent for another dangerous crime! But is this really an issue worth discussing these days? Most faces are blurred.

Aug 27th
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What is it with American cops needing constant adulation, parise, love, unearned respect, and hero worship? They're like the neediest partner you've ever had....Except if you don't give it to them they will taze you in the nuts and say it was your fault. You cops know it's a dangerous job. You knew when you applied and you know now. Get over it.

Jun 20th
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another great episode

May 14th
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5: The Worst Day Of Your Life

5: The Worst Day Of Your Life