DiscoverLittle Girl Lost: The Case of Erica Parsons | Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. PhilS2E5: Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Analysis by Dr. Phil
S2E5: Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Analysis by Dr. Phil

S2E5: Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Analysis by Dr. Phil

Update: 2019-07-0451


Police ruled Rebecca Zahau’s death a suicide after she was found naked and hanging from the balcony of her millionaire boyfriend’s mansion in 2011. Then jurors in a civil trial found Adam Shacknai, the brother of Rebecca’s boyfriend, responsible for her death. He adamantly denies any involvement. In the fifth and final episode of “Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau” Analysis by Dr. Phil, Rebecca’s family speaks out for the very first time since Adam Shacknai’s trial. Plus, Dr. Phil discusses civil case law, circumstantial evidence and the psychology of people accused.

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I think Adam did it while on Ambien, although, I dont think he realized what he was doing at the time, it seems more like he was sleepwalking or hallucinating which is why the scene is so bizarre. I think he woke up the next morning thinking it was all a crazy dream, showered, walked outside and was faced with the reality that the dream actually happened and that he caused her death. He called 911, tried to save her, but when he realized she was beyond help, he had time to wipe the scene down while waiting for police. If the police didn't treat it as a murder, there's no reason to search the guest house where other evidence probably was. I think he eventually confided in Jonah which is when Jonah decided to side with police that it was suicide in order to protect his brother, and all evidence that could link Adam to the murder is long gone.

Nov 20th

Anita Sahni

I was wondering about the statistic regarding 90% of murders solved in 1960 versus approximately 60% solved today is anything factored in regarding wrongful conviction in the 60s since they didn't have DNA and the use of fingerprints was still fairly new technology

Oct 30th
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I definitely think Dr. Phil skipped over the Ambien issue. The sleeping pill seems to make people do things they wouldnt normally do. I am convinced it was not suicide, too many if's but what I'm confused is why the police department is so adamant about the suicide. The notes sounded like she didnt plan on staying with Jonah if things didnt change thats it. The police NOT opening this case back up makes it look like something fishy is going on.

Sep 29th

Karen Dufresne

Regarding message written on the door...could the second part ("CAN HE SAVE HER") be a biblical/religious sort of reference to God or Jesus saving her? ie., Letting her into heaven? What could the implications of this possibility be?

Sep 27th

William R

am i the only one that thinks that this murder is a vengeance? but not from the family, but maybe crooked business from Jonah? they came to kill his boy, since the did die (at the moment) they killed her... this was done by professionals not the brother in law or the mother of the kid, HAS to be a professional someone who know how to clean and how thurley to clean

Aug 2nd

Kathleen Hogan

what about the message could it be for the boyfriend...someone wanted to cause harm to him revenge for something he might have done ... Rebecca saved the son but can he save Rebecca sounds like someone trying to send a message..

Jul 16th

Su Ander

has anybody looked at his claim if taking a sleeping pill? many of the sleeping drugs have crazy side effects. did he say he took one so he had an 'excuse' or did he really take one and exhibit some of the side effects?

Jul 11th

Emily Jackson

I don't see how it could possibly be suicide, but I have a really tough time figuring out who would've had motive to kill her. I'm not convinced that her boyfriend's brother killed her. I feel like there is something we are missing because it seems to me that the terrible events that happened to Max and Rebecca are some how connected. I can't see the connection, but I don't see how they can't. I wonder if they looked into Rebecca's sisters that were there when Max was injured? I think that investigating the death of Max may open some doors to answer what happened to Rebecca.

Jul 8th
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S2E5: Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Analysis by Dr. Phil

S2E5: Mansion of Secrets: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau - Analysis by Dr. Phil

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