DiscoverListen To Your Body Podcast5 Ways To Build Body Respect w/ Steph Gaudreau
5 Ways To Build Body Respect w/ Steph Gaudreau

5 Ways To Build Body Respect w/ Steph Gaudreau

Update: 2020-01-281


Building body respect is all about coming back to our default states, without the pressure of shame or negativity. It takes an unlearning of what society has tried to tell us matters about our bodies and becoming at peace with the fact that your body is just one small piece of who you are.

Your Body Is One Small Piece Of Who You Are

In this episode, I share with you five of the best ways that you can start to build body respect for yourself and for those around you. Instead of indulging in the shame game, you can start to learn body acceptance and listen to your intuition on a day to day basis with these simple and effective strategies. 

Your body is not the most important thing about you, despite what diet culture and society says. By getting clear on the goodness that you have intrinsically, instead of placing a premium on our own bodies and others, you can embrace gratitude for your right here and now body. 

Are you ready to start building body respect and get clear on who you are besides just a body? Join us on the episode page and let us know what steps you are taking to create body respect in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Understanding the difference between body positivity and body neutrality (10:37 )
  • Why you need to stop body checking and measuring yourself and others (16:10 )
  • Tips for shopping for clothes in a way that fits your here and now body (20:34 )
  • The importance of constant awareness when creating positive thoughts (23:50 )
  • How to create new habits and embrace gratitude for your body moving forward (25:20 )



“We can be critical of the diet culture while having compassion for people who are moving through this process on their own.” (6:48 )

“Soon after we enter this world, we start to lose our own abilities as an intuitive eater, but that is our default state.” (9:02 )

“When you are faced every day with putting on the pair of whatever clothing item is not fitting your here and now body, for a lot of people this only kicks the day off with anxiety and the not good enough-ness” (19:27 )

“Your worth is not in the size of your body, it’s not. And I know that that is hard for a lot of us.” (21:36 )

“Who are you aside from just your body? Because I bet if you asked your five closest friends who love you to pieces and would do anything for you… I bet if you asked them what they appreciate and love about you the most, they are not going to say what the size of your body is.” (29:02 )



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5 Ways To Build Body Respect w/ Steph Gaudreau

5 Ways To Build Body Respect w/ Steph Gaudreau

Steph Gaudreau