DiscoverLive Like It's TrueThe True Story of Fear {Kristen Wetherell - Luke 12:4–7}
The True Story of Fear {Kristen Wetherell - Luke 12:4–7}

The True Story of Fear {Kristen Wetherell - Luke 12:4–7}

Update: 2021-10-27


What fears do you struggle with? What anxieties hold you back? Do you worry about the things you can't control? 

On Season One of Live Like It’s True, we’re discussing the true stories of Jesus. On episode four, I'm so honored to have as my guest Kristen Wetherell, to talk about the True Story of Fear.

: Kristen Wetherell

Bible Passage: Luke 12:4–7, 22–32

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Kristen Wetherell is a pastor’s wife, mother, writer, and speaker. She is the author of Humble Moms (April 2022), Fight Your Fears, co-author of the award-winning book Hope When It Hurts, and editor of 12 Faithful Women. Kristen lives in Chicagoland with her husband Brad and two kids where they are members of The Orchard.

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The True Story of Fear

Welcome to Episode 5 of Live Like It’s True! In this first season, we’re focusing on the True Stories of Jesus. In this episode, I'm joined by Kristen Wetherell to discuss the True Story of Fear. You may notice that this episode is a little different from the others because in Luke 12, Luke isn’t sharing a story, but rather a teaching of Jesus that gives us some insight into the about the overall story the Bible tells. 

According to this overarching story that we’re part of, what should we fear? What shouldn’t we fear? I think you’re going to find so much encouragement in listening to Kristen share some of her fears, and in how she teaches us to fight our fears by reminding ourselves of a story of God, that is so much bigger and goes so far beyond the things that we fear.

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The True Story of Fear {Kristen Wetherell - Luke 12:4–7}

The True Story of Fear {Kristen Wetherell - Luke 12:4–7}

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